We offer businesses and organisations the possibility to donate the purchase value of their replaced IT-hardware to a charity of choice.

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How does donating your hardware work?

Many companies donate the depreciated or written off hardware to us. The value of this is donated by IT4Kids to one of the charities that IT4Kids cooperates with. As a company, you decide how much you donate! Donating hardware to IT4Kids does not cost you anything, but it helps us enormously.

Like many other companies, do you also wish to donate the value of your old hardware to less fortunate children? You can donate the hardware and request its value. We then put the hardware that you no longer use as a company, back on the market and donate the resulting value directly to one of our charities.


This equipment can all be donated:



Network apparatus


Mobile devices


WIFI routers

What happens with the hardware?

The hardware is offered to professional organizations that use the hardware for the second time around, we call it a second life.

You can be assured that the software and other data will be destroyed accordingly. Thereon after you receive a certificate of proof. First of all let us know which hardware you would like to donate and complete a free valuation by filling in the form below. Upon receipt we will contact you without obligation to discuss the possibilities.