We offer businesses and organisations the possibility to donate the purchase value of their replaced IT-hardware to a charity of choice.

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Become a donor

Donate hardware. Help children to sport and play in Holland

Every child must have the opportunity to play and pracice sport 

Kids should be able to participate: play, sport, take part, have fun, gain confidence with children of their own ages. Every child must be given the chance to sport and play!

Safety and security, ‘to matter’, self esteem, self confidence, ‘just being a kid’ and unconditional support from professional adults are all crucial elements in this process.


IT4Kids offers help in this. They have a special focus on vulnerable and less fortunate children. Children, who through their home situation have less possibilities in developing in sport areas. IT4Kids offers a helping hand in a more natural way. IT4Kids generates funding, together with professional partner organisations, to achieve this.

To help 50.000 children exercise and sport

Goal 2018-2020

IT4Kids, together with their partners, help in the realization in enabling 50,000 children to exercise and sport.

To achieve the above, we target at the following sub-goals:

  1. Collaboration with a number of fixed partners, who fit optimally in our goals.

  2. Supporting or organizing small local initiatives.

  3. The optimal use of partnerships, resources, markets and chances.

Giving back, passing on, connecting, awareness 

The Board and volunteers at IT4Kids have defined the following core values, that are decisive for one’s own doing.

IT4Kids stands for:

  • Giving back: Meaning something for another

  • Passing on: through passing on hardware, donors create not only funds whereout children can sport, but also sustain environment protection.

  • Connection: we believe that collectively, people can create good things, and therefore connect then in our network.

  • Creating awareness: we recognise our task to share knowledge: the importance of sport, and the chances that IT apparatus can offer.