We offer businesses and organisations the possibility to donate the purchase value of their replaced IT-hardware to a charity of choice.

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help kansarme kinderen in Nederland

Become a donor

Donate hardware. Help children to sport and play in Holland

Thanks to all donated hardware and individual donations, we can make a great contribution every year to projects that are committed to children living below the poverty line and are therefore unable to play sports, or participate in other activities that take place during their important development days.

See below the projects that we proudly supported in 2018.

In 2018, together with school judo, we were able to offer 4019 children the possibility to participate in judo lessons.

These children come from 29 different schools and from different 173 classes.

Together with the Kraijcek Foundation, we were able to get more than 150 girls participating in sport last year!

The Kraijceck Girls Event is a sports event for girls aged between 10 and 16 years old. During the Girls Event they can enjoy sport in an environment with only girls and in this way get acquainted with the sports offered.

IT4Kids and FC Utrecht unite children in Utrecht and the local community together through organizing a municipal week, 12 times a year in collaboration with the county council. During these weeks, football clinics are organized for children under 12 years of age. The children get the unique opportunity to train in FC Utrecht style. With this event we manage to get at least 300 children into motion.

In addition, the children can also attend a match at the FC Utrecht stadium!

The Heppie (t) Huis is a house for 8 children and young people who (temporarily) can no longer live at home. This house offers the children and youngsters a safe, stable place to live in their own social environment close to their friends, school and (sports) club. A place where they really can feel at home and be themselves.


Last year, thanks to a contribution from IT4Kids, the Heppie house was able to place these trampolines so that the children can also enjoy playing safely and to have fun in their new home environment.