We offer businesses and organisations the possibility to donate the purchase value of their replaced IT-hardware to a charity of choice.

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Help children to sport and play in Holland

IT4Kids is a foundation primarily committed to children. In the Netherlands there are currently around 1.2 million people living below the poverty line. This means that there are approximately 423,000 children in the Netherlands who cannot exercise like others of their own ages. IT4Kids is dedicated to making a difference for these children. We offer companies and organizations the opportunity to donate the purchase value of their replaced IT hardware to a good cause. The donations received by IT4Kids are spent on charities, organizations and projects that contribute to the development of children - mostly through sporting activities. We believe that every child has the right to a good future and we are convinced that sport is an important means to a guarantee in the development of children.

Every child must have the opportunity to play and practice sport.

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To help 50.000 children exercise and sport

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Giving back, passing on, connecting, awareness

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IT4Kids - Public Benefit Institution (ANBI)

IT4Kids received their Public Benefit Institution (ANBI) status on 08-07-2015. This means that IT4Kids is recognized as an official charity by the government, making it possible for donors, with retroactive effect, from January 2015 to deduct the gifts and donations to IT4Kids from their income tax.


What is an ANBI status?

The government encourages donations and donations to charities and wants to use this to increase the supporting and donating to recognized charities. For this reason, the government offers the possibility to deduct gifts and donations from ones income tax. Recognized charities receive a status as a Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). Two conditions apply to deductibility:


1. Only the amount of gifts / donations that is 1% of your own threshold income and that of the tax partner, if any, may be deducted. The amount to be deducted must also be at least € 60.00.

2. The maximum deduction is, in addition, 10% of the one or combined income.

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Jordy - Voorzitter

Martijn - Secretaris

Aat - Fundraiser

Kate - Projectmanager

Annelotte - Penningmeester

Lara - Ambassadeur