Eleiko is Friends of IT4Kids

If you’ve ever been to the gym, you’ve probably heard of Eleiko. It’s a company that designs and manufactures equipment for powerlifting, weightlifting, and strength training, such as barbells, plates, and dumbbells. We’re proud to welcome Eleiko as Friends of IT4Kids.

Eleiko aims to make people stronger for better performance in sports and life. This is one of the reasons they’ve become Friends of IT4Kids, as it allows them to provide children with sustainable (sporting) opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have due to financial or physical challenges.

“IT4Kids couldn’t align better with Eleiko’s mission, which is to ‘make people stronger so they perform better in sports and life.’ We feel a strong connection with this charity and hope to contribute to society and children,” says Eleiko.

Friends of IT4Kids
Would you like to become Friends of IT4Kids, just like Eleiko, to help create sustainable sports opportunities for children? Read here more about the options.