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Every child should be able to play sports!

Every child should be able to participate in sports and games. Sports are an outlet, sports are fun, and sports are especially beneficial for a child’s development. By engaging in sports with peers, you build #skills4life, such as discipline, teamwork, self-confidence, and respect.

IT4Kids collects depreciated hardware from companies and donates its value (on behalf of the donor) to projects of charities dedicated to providing structural sports opportunities for children who otherwise wouldn’t have them due to financial or physical challenges.

Why an opportunity to play sports is so important!

By 2030, we want all children in the Netherlands to have the opportunity to participate in sports, because we believe that every child should be able to participate.

To do this, we have developed a fundraising initiative: circular IT! We collect used hardware from companies and donate the value of the hardware to charity projects that are committed to creating sustainable opportunities (to play sports) for children who otherwise would have none due to financial or physical barriers.

“If everyone donates his or her used hardware, then every child in the Netherlands will have the opportunity to play sports!”

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IT4Kids Board and team

Jordy Kool

Founder & chairman of the board


Colette Zee

Managing director

Vincent van Voorden

Project & Partnership Manager

Ontwerp zonder titel
Evelyn Kleij

Project & Partnership Manager

Marlissa van der Kamp


Wouter van den Briel

Board member

Ontwerp zonder titel-3
Miguel Brahim

Treasurer of the board

Aat van de Polder

Fundraiser of the board

MicrosoftTeams-image (6)
Sander Klous

Board member

Martijn van Rijn
Martijn van Rijn


Lara Kool


Annelotte van Berkel
Annelotte van Berkel


Advisory Board

Ton van Garderen – Apple
Marco Hoogerland – Talentenacademie 
Marjolijn Meijer – Urban Gym Group
Engelbert Pelster – Fujitsu

Liesbeth Pruijs – The Next Level 

Jeroen van der Toorn – Entrepeneur

Eugene Tuijnman – SLTN 
Anna Valkenburg – Bexter

IT4Kids ambassadors


Barbara de Loor

Ice skating world champion

Ontwerp zonder titel-2
Bart van Rooij

Football player N.E.C. Nijmegen

Frédérique Matla
Frédérique Matla

International hockey player
(together with Spieren voor spieren)

Levi Rigters
Levi Rigters


Loek Hartog

Race car driver

Marijn Veen
Marijn Veen

International hockey player (together with Mentelity Foundation)

Mariska Beijer

wheelchair basketball player

Mike van der Hoorn

Football player FC Utrecht

Monique Velzeboer

Short track champion

Ontwerp zonder titel-2
Pien Hersman


Rick Koekoek

Bike trail champion

Rutger Schipper

Freerunner and influencer

Sabrina Stultiens

Cycling world champion

Ontwerp zonder titel-7
Sanne Wevers


Sébastien Dockier​

International hockey player 

Sean Klaiber

Football player

Twan Verseput


Xavier Mous

Football player

Ontwerp zonder titel-3
Jay-Jay Boske


Annual reports, financial statements, policy plan and statutes​

Annual reports
View the annual report of 2022 here.
Previous annual reports: 202120202019, 2018, 2017 en 2016

financial statements
View the financial statement of 2022 here.
Previous financial statements: 202120202019, 2018, 2017 en 2016

Multi‑year policy plan
View the multi-year policy plan from 2021 – 2024 here.

Previous year plans: 2019, 2018

View the statutes here.

Code of conduct and complaints procedure
View the Code of Conducts here.
View the Complaints Procedure here.  

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CBF certification and ANBI status

IT4Kids is an official certified charity. On 1 July 2021, the foundation received official certification, the approval for charities, from the Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving (CBF). This makes IT4Kids the first charity in circular IT that is CBF approved. This means that IT4Kids meets strict quality criteria.

In July 2015, IT4Kids received its Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) status. This makes it possible for donors to deduct gifts and donations to IT4Kids from their income tax statements.

There are two conditions related to deductibility:

  1. Only the amount of gifts/donations that exceed 1% of your own threshold income and that of your tax partner, if any, can be deducted. The amount to be deducted must also be at least € 60.
  2. The maximum deduction is 10% of the/both combined income.

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