World Champion Speedsurfer Twan Verseput Becomes Ambassador for IT4Kids


Twan Verseput, a former volleyball player, embarked on his volleyball career at the age of 12, anticipating a long and promising journey in the sport. He played in the Eredivisie and was part of Jong Oranje / Dutch National Selection. However, a knee injury threatened to end his athletic career. Despite this setback, Twan discovered a new passion in windsurfing. With two world titles to his name, he broke records at high speeds, showcasing resilience and adaptability. In addition to his achievements in sports, Twan took on the role of managing the transactional sales channel at the ICT company Hallo. In this interview, he shares his story, from the challenges post-volleyball to pushing boundaries on the water and within the ICT world.

From Professional Volleyballer to Windsurfer
During his volleyball career, which included being part of the Dutch national team’s development squad under the guidance of Ron Zwerver, playing for Lycurgus (Eredivisie), and Rivo Rijssen (Eredivisie), Twan suffered a severe injury. “Together with the doctors, I concluded that I had to quit volleyball. After a year of rehabilitation, it was a tough decision. It was a difficult period, and I fell into a black hole. I lost the joy of sports, and it felt like the whole world was collapsing, but you have to move on at some point,” says Twan. So, what’s next? “I was involved in a windsurfing event. Windsurfing was a hobby of mine; I did it twice a year during vacations. I participated in the event and unexpectedly defeated the number 1. That was the beginning of my new sports career.”

Windsurfing as a Life-Changing Experience
Under the guidance of the experienced coach Dunkerbeck (with 48 world titles), Twan achieved two world titles and even set a Dutch speed record. Although he has now retired from speed surfing, he has a world attempt planned in Namibia in November. “My goal is to reach 100 km per hour for 500 meters. The current world record is 98.46 km per hour. I’m going to Cape Town to train, but I also train on the IJsselmeer, Zeeland, and Brouwersdam,” says Twan. The challenge is immense, but Twan emphasizes the joy and passion that windsurfing has brought him after a challenging period following his volleyball career. “I’ve learned that new doors always open. And I can now better cope with setbacks and enjoy sports even more.”

Working in the ICT World
In addition to his windsurfing adventure, Twan took over the company Hallo. “I always worked here alongside top sports and was offered this fantastic opportunity. With a background in physiotherapy and sports psychology, I don’t have the typical ICT background, but it helps in my leadership role to guide people both physically and mentally. Moreover, top sports was the best school, with valuable lessons about teamwork, dealing with setbacks, and identifying things one can influence, which I now apply in the company,” explains Twan.

Sport Opportunities for Children
Twan’s personal goal is to give children the opportunity to participate in sports. He points to the increase in childhood obesity and motor problems due to reduced physical activity. “You also see that it’s more challenging for children who don’t play sports to cope with setbacks and, for example, have a greater chance of anxiety. Making mistakes is good for your personal growth, but you have to learn that. Making mistakes is fun!

Sport is a foundation for everyone. That’s why I became an ambassador for IT4Kids to increase the societal impact of sports and inspire children to approach challenges with a positive mindset. I also do this with and GPS Speedsurfing. Together with them, we’ve established a Dutch Speed Windsurfing Championship to provide children the opportunity to windsurf, a sport that might otherwise be beyond their reach. I really enjoy doing that, and it gives me so much energy.”

Hallo and IT4Kids
As a manager at Hallo, serves 18,000 customers in the Netherlands with a team of 400 employees, I recognize the responsibility to make a positive contribution to society. serving 18,000 customers in the Netherlands and having 400 employees, Twan recognizes the responsibility to make a positive contribution to society. He emphasizes the surplus items within the business world that he wants to use to support children in need, demonstrating that business success can go hand in hand with social responsibility.

Welcome to the Ambassador Team, Twan!