Action for the Good Cause IT4Kids - Dam tot Damloop

Amsterdam Student Rowing Club Skøll Completes Dam to Dam Run, Raises Over €1,100 for IT4Kids

The Initiative
On Sunday, September 17, 2023, members of the Amsterdam student rowing club Skøll achieved an impressive feat by completing the Dam to Dam Run, covering a distance of 10 English miles. This athletic endeavor was undertaken with the aim of raising funds for the charity IT4Kids.

What Was Raised for IT4Kids?
After crossing the finish line, the participants gathered for a celebratory drink, during which they informed fellow members about the challenges faced by children who lack the opportunity to participate in sports. They then appealed to friends and family to contribute to this noble cause.

Their efforts yielded remarkable results. Not only was it a sporting triumph, but also a fundraising total of over €1,100 for IT4Kids. This money will be utilized to create sports opportunities for financially and physically vulnerable children. The contribution from the Amsterdam student rowing club Skøll is a commendable achievement by the team.

It’s inspiring to see how athletic activities are combined with charity, ensuring that all children have the chance to participate in sports. This initiative beautifully highlights how community spirit and athletic passion can come together for a just and inclusive cause.

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