Stichting DLW van PCI Nederland is Friends of IT4Kids

Since 2019, IT4Kids and Stichting Door Leren Wijzer (DLW) have joined forces to pursue IT4Kids’ ambition. DLW is the foundation of PCI that focuses on children in need of care. From now on, they are also Friends of IT4Kids, committing to a long-term partnership with IT4Kids.

On June 15, 2022, the structural partnership was signed by Alona Balaba of DLW and Colette Zee, director of IT4Kids, at the Royal Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam. Friends of IT4Kids are multi-year partnership packages (ranging from €5,000 to €15,000) through which a sustainable partnership with IT4Kids can be demonstrated.

Alona Balaba, from DLW, stated: “We hope to continue our partnership with IT4Kids for as long as possible, so we can help as many children as we can. It’s crucial to assist children in their social development and in creating #skills4life. Children are the future. With DLW, as Friends of IT4Kids, we aim to contribute to the development of children in the Netherlands who are in dire need and could use some extra support.”

About Door Leren Wijzer:

Since 2012, PCI, through Stichting DLW, has supported multiple charities including IT4Kids. With each charity, they assist children up to the age of 18. Employees, suppliers, and partners of PCI roll up their sleeves time and time again to help children. The amount they donate aims to contribute to the well-being and mindset of the child, or to be an addition to achieve this. Read more about DLW here.

Since 2019, IT4Kids has been one of the fixed charities of Stichting DLW. Additionally, PCI has been donating its decommissioned hardware for several years and activates its network as a true ambassador to donate hardware as well.