Sport, een beter leven en duurzaamheid komen samen

Interview met Dirk Wierenga van Eleiko

From a Corporate Gym, Dirk Wierenga shared his passion for sports and IT4Kids. At a young age, he became the Marketing Manager Benelux at Eleiko. Eleiko is a Swedish company that designs, manufactures, and markets equipment for powerlifting, weightlifting, and strength training. In addition to serving corporate gyms, they also supply their products to companies like TrainMore and to elite sports. This sustainable and sporty brand consistently supports IT4Kids as Friends of IT4Kids. Read on for more details.

Eleiko is a Swedish family-owned company that supplies sports equipment worldwide. For anyone who frequents the gym, this brand is certainly recognizable. Dirk Wierenga, along with his brother (Manager Benelux at Eleiko), faces the challenge of expanding Eleiko into new markets in the Benelux region. Originally, the focus was on elite sports, but now it encompasses gym and fitness broadly. Dirk says, “With our brand, we aim to do more for businesses, children, and society as a whole. For instance, during this interview, we are standing in a beautiful new corporate gym. Our mission is to make people stronger, both in sports and in life. It goes beyond just elite sports.”

Sustainable sports equipment
The demand for sustainable products is also rising across various demographics. “We supply weights, which entail emissions, but we still manage to obtain certifications like ISO 14000 and are affiliated with the UN Global Compact. That’s quite remarkable, and we’re proud to offer the most sustainable products on the market,” Dirk explains.

Empowering people with Friends of IT4Kids
Dirk made the decision to support IT4Kids structurally by having Eleiko become Friends of IT4Kids. He solely looked at the charity and whether it was a match for the brand. Dirk says, “We were looking for a charity to support and to give back to society in this way. IT4Kids crossed our path, and it’s a perfect match. Our mission is to make people stronger, and with IT4Kids, we found a similar mission: helping children through sports to provide them with a better life. It’s a beautiful way to bring together sports, a better life, and sustainability. Eleiko fully supports this, and we’re eager to align our brand with it.”

In addition to working in the sports industry, Dirk is also part of the Dutch rugby team. Sport is a crucial part of his life. “I’m passionate about sports at the highest level, and I’ve always been in the gym. Sports has brought me a lot, including a healthy body, friends, and discipline! As a rugby player, fitness is an essential aspect. And that ties in nicely with my work.”