IT4Kids and ISA started a great partnership


IT4Kids and ISA started a great partnership at the end of 2022. IT4Kids is financially supporting a project that helps teenage girls play sports in four major cities. With the #SheGotGame project, ISA supports 20 young future coaches and their mentors in order to provide sport activities for and by girls in neighbourhoods where there are still few opportunities for them to play sports.

Isa en IT4Kids gaan samenwerken
Colette Zee, Leonie Hallers en Evelyn Kleij
The ISA project takes place in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Nijmegen and Tilburg, in neighbourhoods where up to 40% of teenage girls have little to no opportunities to play sports. These girls are unable to play sports, for example because the sports offered in the neighbourhood are not suitable for them, their parents do not have money for sport clubs, or because, at home, playing sports is not considered very important for girls.

Of course, this needs to change! Sports are very important: moving together improves your physical and mental health, improves social connection in the neighbourhood, and participants develop many skills through sports and by leading sport activities, such as cooperation, communication and leadership. These are #Skills4life that they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Colette Zee, director of IT4Kids: “We have been in contact with ISA for a while, because they already use the fundraising model of IT4Kids by collecting used IT hardware for companies. On top of that came their fantastic project proposal “She Got Game”, which provides opportunities for girls to play sports in neighbourhoods where these opportunities are not yet present. ISA’s enthusiasm and the focus on girls as a target group are very interesting for IT4Kids. Further, our goal is to provide nationwide support in cities where poverty rates are high. With the projects in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Tilburg and Den Bosch, we are closer to achieving this.”

She Got Game kicks off
ISA has now started its first training for girls who want to become coaches. The need for this was clear from what was said during the first training. They miss a place in the neighbourhood where they can go for fun and to get more fit. “My goal is to get off the couch more often!” And they have made a great start; they had a lot of fun during the training! This is the start of much more! This year, 200 girls will be exercising weekly in the four neighbourhoods.