As a new board member, Marjan will primarily focus on governance and oversight within IT4Kids

We spoke with Marjan Olfers, professor of sport and law at the Vrije Universiteit and founder of research agency Verinorm, about her recent appointment to the board of IT4Kids. With her impressive background in sports law, governance, and social engagement, Marjan brings valuable expertise to the IT4Kids board.

Marjan Olfers has her own company, is a professor of sport and law at the VU, and a member of research committees. We asked her about her career and how she manages to combine her various roles. “Research and advisory work are the common threads in everything I do. I find research incredibly enjoyable. I always say that the hunger for knowledge has been in me since I was a little girl. I constantly want to absorb new information, understand how things work, challenge assumptions, and substantiate them. Because I enjoy it so much, it’s very easy to combine everything. With my company Verinorm, I focus on research in the areas of social safety, crime, and integrity. As a professor, I have the opportunity to delve deeper into the field of sport and law. Moreover, I have the best students.”

How sporty are you?
“I exercise and move every morning. After that, I always feel happier and can perform better. I really need it to let go of everything and not think too much.” Although Marjan has never actively participated in organized sports, she emphasizes how important she finds it for children. “Sport, play, and exercise are incredibly wonderful. As a child, you learn to play together, have social interactions, and discover your self-worth. Everything comes together in sports.”

Why did you join the IT4Kids board?
“I strongly believe in the importance of sport and exercise for children. When IT4Kids came my way, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. IT4Kids offers a wonderful chance to combine my passion for sports with my expertise in governance and sport. Additionally, I am always looking for personal growth and social impact. While sports are a familiar field for me, the ICT sector presents a new challenge where I can gain a lot of knowledge.”

What will you do as a board member?
As a new board member, Marjan will primarily focus on governance and oversight within IT4Kids. “I see my role as a sparring partner for the management. I am always ready to support and contribute to the further growth and impact of IT4Kids, so we can get even more children moving.”

Welcome to the board!