The IT4Kids Foundation is collaborating with Hallo

Hallo is set to donate its retired hardware to the good cause, providing as many children as possible with the opportunity to engage in sports. Since last December, Hallo has partnered with the IT4Kids Foundation, an organization dedicated to giving children the chance to participate in sports. By contributing the value of retired hardware to projects and charities, they aim to provide financially and physically vulnerable children in the Netherlands with a consistent opportunity to engage in sports.

‘This initiative is close to my heart. I’ve been fortunate to engage in sports at a high level and develop from a young age. I wish every child had this opportunity. Sports are essential for the motor, social, and cognitive development of children, and with this action, we at Hallo hope to offer as many children as possible this chance!’ – Twan Verseput, Manager Transactioneel at Hallo.

Sjoerd Griffioen, Partnerships Manager for the business market at IT4Kids, stated, “With pride, Hallo and the IT4Kids Foundation are joining forces to make a difference. Through Hallo’s donation of IT hardware, we aim to increase structural sports opportunities for children. This partnership between Hallo and the IT4Kids Foundation demonstrates how the power of technology can be leveraged to create lasting change.”

Every child should have the opportunity to engage in sports!

Participation in sports and play should be accessible to every child. Sports serve as an outlet, are enjoyable, and are crucial for the motor, social, and cognitive development of children. Through sports, children build #skills4life, such as discipline, teamwork, self-confidence, and respect.

For many children in the Netherlands, participating in sports is not a given due to financial or physical challenges. Over 423,000 children grow up in families living on the minimum subsistence level, which is 1 in 8 children in the Netherlands (and even 1 in 4 in major cities)!

How does it work?
Donating retired hardware is straightforward. Here’s how you can donate your old IT equipment, such as computers, laptops, or servers, and provide children with a consistent opportunity to engage in sports.

About IT4Kids: IT4Kids Foundation has developed an innovative method of fundraising: circular IT. The foundation collects retired hardware from companies, giving the hardware a second life, and the value generated goes to sports projects of charities collaborating with IT4Kids, such as FC Utrecht, Sven Kramer Academy, Dirk Kuyt Foundation, Esther Vergeer Foundation, and N.E.C. Social. Interested in learning more about the IT4Kids Foundation? Visit their website at, donate, and give children a sustainable (sports) opportunity.

About Hallo: Hallo is the trusted IT service partner for SMEs, offering a one-stop-shop for critical managed IT services. Hallo’s mission is to make IT services accessible to customers and their end-users in the best possible way for maximum productivity impact. In the fragmented landscape of IT service providers, the company aims to become the logical brand for all daily IT service needs. Hallo provides a digital customer journey, including self-service tools, to simplify the complex purchasing experience that SMEs typically encounter with IT services. An enthusiastic team of 350 IT service professionals, affectionately known as ‘digital energizers,’ is always ready to help. Hallo currently has locations in the Netherlands, Spain, and the Caribbean. For more information, visit

Want to donate hardware with your company? Look here for more information.