10 Years of IT4Kids: In Conversation with Annelotte

As Jordy Kool’s PA at Infotheek Group, Annelotte quickly became involved with IT4Kids in organizing events such as galas. Now, she is a board member serving as the Treasurer and manages the administration for the foundation.

What’s a memorable moment that stands out to you during your journey with IT4Kids? “The Christmas Tree Day is the first thing that comes to mind. Our small team started early in the morning, in the woods, with car headlights on to set everything up. And the teardown was the same, clearing everything in the dark together. When I think back to that, I am so proud of the team. It shows how hard everyone worked for IT4Kids: to help as many children as possible.”

You’ve been with IT4Kids for a while now, what’s the most significant change you’ve witnessed? “I’ve always supported IT4Kids’ mission, but now, as a mother, I understand even better how important sports are for children. It’s not just about physical activity but also about social interaction and self-confidence. Sports help children grow, and I see that in my own daughter, especially during gym class and our tennis outings. It’s a big loss for a child if they can’t participate in sports.”

“I’ve seen where we started and where IT4Kids is now. I know what we’re doing it for, and I’m incredibly proud of how the organization has grown. The team is expanding, we’re raising more funds, and gaining more donors. Together, we are making a difference!”