ChannelEngine Runs the Leiden Marathon for IT4Kids

ChannelEngine, the sports-oriented company, rallied a group of employees to run the Leiden Marathon in support of IT4Kids.

The Initiative
During the recent Leiden Marathon, ChannelEngine employees passionately dedicated themselves to the charitable cause of IT4Kids. Covering an impressive collective distance of 313 kilometers, they not only pushed their physical limits but also raised funds to create opportunities for children through IT4Kids.

The initiative wasn’t just about completing the marathon; the participants actively engaged in fundraising efforts for IT4Kids, ensuring that the proceeds from their performance directly benefited this noble cause.

What Was Raised for IT4Kids?
The results of their efforts speak volumes. Thanks to the generosity of friends, family, and colleagues, the participants managed to raise an outstanding €1565. This amount, alongside their remarkable feat of completing 42.195 kilometers, significantly contributes to creating sports opportunities for children.

ChannelEngine, thank you for your remarkable achievement and donation. You’ve exemplified how collective effort can make a meaningful difference in children’s lives.

Start Your Own Initiative for the Charity IT4Kids
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