Charity Initiative for IT4Kids - The Future Group Charity Event

The IT entrepreneur collective, The Future Group, has partnered with IT4Kids to provide children with the opportunity to engage in sports. The approximately 400 entrepreneurs affiliated with The Future Group are encouraged to inquire with their clients if they have any decommissioned hardware that they would be willing to donate to IT4Kids. At the Innovation event on April 20 in Zeist, there will be an opportunity to donate, and demonstrations will be held to showcase the certified data wiping process for hardware.

The Initiative
On April 20, 2023, the annual Innovation event of The Future Group took place in Zeist! This event, tailored for and by IT professionals, provided an inspiring program to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the market. IT4Kids was the designated charity for the event, offering an excellent opportunity for IT4Kids to connect with companies in the IT sector, the primary target audience for donations to IT4Kids.

What Was Raised for IT4Kids?
As a delightful surprise, Colette Zee, director of IT4Kids, received a beautiful €1,000 check at the end of the event. In addition to the monetary contribution, IT4Kids was able to demonstrate their certified data wiping process for hardware, showcasing their operations to the IT world. It was a fantastic event to introduce IT4Kids to the IT community.

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