Charity Initiative for IT4Kids - Shirt Sponsorship for vv Alblasserdam

Alblasserdam Football Club aims to make a societal contribution in various ways, one of which is by having IT4Kids as a shirt sponsor for the youth teams.

The Initiative
The youth department of Alblasserdam Football Club is promoting a charitable cause: IT4Kids. The name of this charity is now visible on the shirts. On Saturday, October 2, 2021, the children proudly displayed their new shirts, and a shirt was presented on behalf of the sponsor to Edwin Meijer from the board of vv Alblasserdam.

Meijer stated in a message: “The football club in Alblasserdam has decided to take a new direction and become more socially involved in the region. The football club is more than just a few members playing their matches. The club should provide the opportunity for all children from the village and surrounding areas to participate in sports at their own level and to meet each other. To achieve this, several initiatives have been started recently. One of the most important initiatives is that we have decided to promote a charitable cause throughout the entire youth department. In this collaboration, several actions are being taken, with the proceeds going entirely to the youth who, for various reasons, cannot or can barely participate in sports.”

Start Your Own Initiative for the Charity IT4Kids
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