Football Match: Creators FC vs. FC Lisse

Creators FC, the renowned YouTube football team, visited FC Lisse for a charitable cause, Stichting IT4Kids. The proceeds from ticket sales went to IT4Kids.

The Initiative
Football is much more than just trying to score three points and become champions. It’s about connecting, having fun, and supporting each other. On Tuesday, October 10, all of this came together as a select team from FC Lisse faced off against the famous Creators FC. This team of well-known YouTubers and TikTokers plays nationally, where the focus isn’t on winning but on raising money for charity. Among the players in this team is IT4Kids ambassador Rutger Schipper.

For many children in the Netherlands, participating in sports isn’t a given due to financial or physical challenges. Both football clubs aim to contribute to providing these children with sporting opportunities. Choosing to play for Stichting IT4Kids was an obvious decision for FC Lisse. “BE Networks has been the main sponsor of FC Lisse for about 10 years,” says Ivo Vittali, communication responsible at FC Lisse. “Starting this year, our first team is playing in new kits. Martijn Kamerman from BE Networks decided to give up the logo position on the chest to IT4Kids. That’s a generous and unique gesture. To show our appreciation to BE Networks, we decided to organize this match together with Creators FC and choose IT4Kids as the charity.” The proceeds from ticket sales go entirely to the charity.

Sportpark Ter Specke of FC Lisse was dedicated to IT4Kids for the evening of the match. Flyers were distributed in the canteen, beach flags were placed around the venue, and IT4Kids banners lined the field.

What Was Raised for IT4Kids?
With a significant turnout, children and parents responded to the call to attend this memorable match. 1,500 tickets were sold, making the match a sell-out. The proceeds from ticket sales were donated to IT4Kids. At halftime, Colette Zee, director of IT4Kids, received a check for €9,000. In the end, the evening raised €9,825.

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