IT4Kids welcomes Sc.Tiger as a new Friend of IT4Kids!

Turning data into insights is what Sc.Tiger helps businesses achieve. Chander Baktawar and Rakesh Baktawar started their data IT company in 2020. The brothers have big ambitions for their business, but also want to make a significant societal contribution. Since October, they have been Friends of IT4Kids, consistently contributing to the creation of sustainable sports opportunities for children who lack the financial or physical means. We spoke with Chander about his childhood, the business, and IT4Kids.

Sc.Tiger has experts in-house in the fields of business intelligence, data analysis, and data engineering. The company has experienced significant growth since 2020, but this has not come at the expense of quality. They aim to grow while ensuring it doesn’t compromise the well-being of their people. Chander states, “Our people are always the most important within Sc.Tiger; that’s where the focus lies. Our ‘why’ is centered around this, how can we empower our people to discover and unleash their potential. To achieve this, we continuously develop our Learning & Development programs.”

Certainty, meaning, variety, and connection for growth “Everyone who joins us receives an environment with certainty, meaning, variety, and connection. With the ultimate result being growth. And this aligns beautifully with IT4Kids. While variety might be a bit more challenging, by providing children with sustainable sports opportunities, they also gain a sense of certainty, meaning, and connection through sports. This enables them to grow and develop. I see a lot of parallels there.”

Being a member of a football club wasn’t possible “I find IT4Kids to be a very admirable foundation, partly because I experienced it myself as a child. We weren’t lacking anything as children, but we weren’t well-off either. What stuck with me is during my primary school years when I asked my mother if I could join a football club like my friends at school. Unfortunately, the answer was no, and with the wisdom of hindsight, I know it simply wasn’t financially feasible.

I was timid, and my reaction to confrontation was to shut down, especially if physical contact was involved. At 16, I knew I had to address this. I could only afford to play sports when I could pay for it myself, but an opportunity arose through my former internship supervisor Frans Du Prée. His sons practiced Kyokushin karate, and I got the chance to join them once, and I was immediately hooked. It’s a form of karate practiced with full contact. No form of timidity is accepted on the mat. Valuable lessons and a period of learning. Our greatest opportunities often lie behind our fears. Rakesh joined later on. We often talk about how this shaped us.”

There was a moment where I asked one of my teachers if they had ever had to fight on the streets. His response was that the essence of karate isn’t about fighting, but about developing enough self-confidence so that you don’t have to. A contradiction, but it worked. This has always stayed with me. Sports isn’t just about physical movement, but also about what happens in your mind.”

Children can only benefit from sports “There’s nothing more fulfilling than being socially engaged. With Sc.Tiger, we had this planned for 2023, but it became financially feasible sooner. So why wait? We’ve been following IT4Kids for a while, and I don’t know if there’s anything greater than aiding children in their development and instilling in them the drive to bring out the best in themselves. To impart something to children, in this case, sports, that can only make them better. It’s a wonderful foundation, and with Sc.Tiger, we’re more than happy to support IT4Kids.”

Would you like to contribute structurally to sustainable sports opportunities for children facing financial or physical challenges like Sc.Tiger? Become Friends of IT4Kids, check out the options here.