Levi Rigters launches a 1 on 1 boxing programme to help youth with mental health problems!

An increasing number of youth are struggling with mental health issues. As many as 1 in 3 young people experience mental health problems. It is a growing concern resulting from a society that places high demands on youth to perform and be self‑reliant. As a consequence, young people experience a lot of stress. In addition, we see that many youth experience loneliness and are thus more prone to mental health problems. During the European Mental Health Week, IT4Kids ambassador Levi Rigters launches an amazing project in cooperation with MIND US, to mentally support youth.

Through a number of 1‑on‑1 boxing training sessions, kickboxing champion Levi Rigters will support youth with mental health challenges. He does this by drawing on his own experience. Kickboxing also helped Levi when he was young. “I was a difficult teenager, my parents divorced and I mostly acted out at home. I fought a lot and was definitely not the easiest . Kickboxing helped me to be calmer, because I could release my energy and frustrations during the training sessions. I learned to have discipline and that hard work pays off.”

With the project funded by IT4Kids, Levi wants to help youth with mental health challenges. “Sports have helped me a lot and I know it can help other youth in similar situations,” he explains. Studies show that regular exercise reduces mental health symptoms and that participating in sports has a positive relationship with social health. A top athlete, like Levi Rigter, is a fantastic role model for this.

MIND Us and IT4Kids
IT4Kids, Levi Rigters and MIND Us have partnered up for this project. MIND Us, an organisation that joins forces to improve mental health amongst youth, helped in selecting youth from within the MIND Us network for training sessions with Levi Rigters. IT4Kids provides (financial) support. It is a great collaboration!

Mental Health week
From 22 May to 28 May 2023 is the fourth edition of Mental Health Week. This year, the government will participate for the first time. All schools, sports, cultural and youth associations, employers and community organisations are called on to pay special attention to mental health during this week.