Sc.Tiger renews and remains Friends of IT4Kids

For the continuous creation of sports opportunities

The brothers Rakesh and Chander Baktawar have decided to provide ongoing support to IT4Kids through their company, Sc.Tiger. They continue as Friends of IT4Kids, contributing a fixed annual amount for sports opportunities for physically and financially vulnerable children. In return, they gain participation in various networking events among other benefits. IT4Kids is deeply grateful to Sc.Tiger for their continuous support.

Sc.Tiger is a Business Intelligence and Data organization that detaches professionals such as BI Developers, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers to top-500 companies in the Netherlands.

We spoke with Chander about why they continue to be Friends of IT4Kids, and it’s quite straightforward, as Chander explains: ‘Our company has grown significantly in the past year, and consequently, we feel it’s our responsibility to contribute financially. Sc.Tiger’s foundations are: we help each other unconditionally, we selflessly share our knowledge, and we respect ourselves and others. Based on these core values, we find it important to continue supporting IT4Kids in their work for children who will ultimately shape our future.

Within our organization, we facilitate our consultants to explore and reach their potential. How wonderful is it that we can help IT4Kids place children in their potential through sports? This aligns beautifully with us as an organization and within the industry we operate in. We are pleased to remain Friends of IT4Kids to consistently contribute to creating sports opportunities for financially and physically vulnerable children. In this case, sports can only make children better!’

The foundation also personally resonates with the brothers. Chander and Rakesh lacked nothing in their youth, but financially, there wasn’t enough to join a football club or engage in other sports. ‘Engaging in sports became possible only when we could afford it. These were valuable lessons and a period of learning. Often, our greatest opportunities lie behind our fears. We often discuss how this shaped us. Sports isn’t just about movement; it’s also about making the right choices, communicating with your teammates, inspiring each other, and believing in one another, to name a few.’

With the Friends of IT4Kids program, you and IT4Kids together make a difference by truly creating lasting impact for the target group. We offer various packages. By supporting our mission, you not only make a difference but also receive something beautiful with each package. Want to know more about Friends of IT4Kids? Read more about the possibilities here.