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More and more young people are facing mental health issues. As many as 1 in 3 young people are experiencing mental challenges. This growing problem is created by a society that places high demands on young individuals in the form of performance pressure and heavily relies on self-reliance. Consequently, young people experience significant stress.
Through a series of one-on-one boxing sessions, kickboxing champion Levi Rigters helps young people with mental challenges. He does this based on his own experiences as well. Kickboxing also helped Levi at a young age. “I was a troublesome teenager; my parents were divorced, and I mainly took out my frustrations at home. I often got into fights and was definitely not the easiest to deal with. Kickboxing made me much calmer because I could channel my energy and frustrations into the training. I learned to have discipline and that hard work pays off.

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IT4Kids, Levi Rigters, and MIND Us have collaborated for this project. MIND Us, a foundation that joins forces to improve mental health among young people, assisted in selecting the young individuals from the MIND Us network for the training sessions with Levi Rigters. IT4Kids provides (financial) support. It’s a wonderful collaboration! Be sure to watch the video below where Levi Rigters explains what Mentality Boxing entails.

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