Sportcampus Traiectum

Sportcampus Traiectum & IT4Kids

IT4Kids and Sportcampus Traiectum are dedicated to providing children aged 6 to 8, who are not currently engaged in sports due to financial constraints, the opportunity to participate in a special 10-week multi-sport membership. Through this program, children can explore various sports at five Traiectum clubs and discover which sport suits them best.

The goal of the multi-sport membership is not only to introduce children to new sports and engage them in enjoyable physical activities but also to ensure they remain consistently active in the long term. The aim is to assist these children in transitioning to a sports membership at a local club after completing the program.

About Sportcampus Traiectum

Utrecht-East aims to become a showcase for ‘Healthy Urban Living’. Five (top) sports clubs from Utrecht-East (Hellas Utrecht, VV Utrecht, SV Kampong, UZSC, FC Utrecht) are collaborating to realize the Multi-Sport Campus Traiectum. This new Utrecht ecosystem in Sports & Vitality is intended to serve as an inspiration for Dutch sports in general and as a catalyst for the health of the city of Utrecht in particular.

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