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Tantum Freerunning & IT4Kids

Tantum Freerunning is an IT4Kids ambassador, Rutger Schipper. It’s one of the projects that IT4Kids supports financially. Tantum provides freerunning classes at schools. Freerunning is an emerging sport and is becoming increasingly popular.

In this sport, children can move in a free form, constantly seeking new challenges. As a freerunner, the goal is to move from point A to point B as quickly and spectacularly as possible. This is achieved through jumps, vaults, flips, and many other possibilities. Freerunning helps develop body control and strength. The aim of Tantum Freerunning is to encourage children to bring out the best in themselves. ‘What I find beautiful about this sport is that, no matter how naturally athletic you are, you can always find a challenge and make progress,’ Rutger Schipper.

About the freerunning classes

The freerunning classes take place on the trampoline field, supported by additional freerunning equipment and obstacles. The setup varies in each lesson, with new themes and tricks introduced regularly. Many movements are revisited to ensure they are practiced well and safely, including basic flips and basic vaults. Our aim is to provide children with a solid freerunning foundation, allowing them to practice and improve on their own over time.

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